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Discover our latest models of Women's Coats and Parkas, and Doudoune. The biggest brands ✓ Delivery rapide and best price guaranteed!
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Wide choice of women's jackets and coats on Sneakin

Coats, jackets, parkas and down jackets have become essential items in women's wardrobes.

Winter jackets and coats, streetwear and casual, are as popular with women as sneakers and shoes. As the degrees fall, throughout the winter season, women's coats become an essential fashion accessory more than ever. Discover our wide selection of models to match every style.

Protect yourself from the elements with our extensive collection of warm winter coats and women's jackets. Don't worry, you'll stay warm, stylish and protected from the cold. What's more, all the coat models we present are chosen to suit the most demanding women.

All fashionable women's jackets and coats on Sneakin

A stapleof the modernwomen's wardrobe for many years now, jackets, coats, parkas, down jackets and bombers are becoming increasingly important in women's fashion. minine
Sneakin today offers you the opportunity to fill your wardrobe economically with products for all kinds of activities, whether sporty, dom estic, professional or simply leisure.

Stylish, adaptable and comfortable, these warm women's garments are perfect for physical activities, outings with friends, everyday errands and office hours.Coat designs are designed for all tastes and practices, and are available in a variety of colors and sizes.

Which brand to choose for a women's jacket?

To ensure optimum comfort, choose a jacket made by a recognized brand that has proven itself with consumers.

To this end, we source from textile giants such as Adidas, Alpha Industries, Columbia, The North Face, Jott and Urban Classic, to satisfy all ladies.

How to choose the right size for a woman's jacket?

For maximum comfort, jacket size is an essential parameter. Whatever the occasion, it's important to wear clothes that don't restrict your movements and guarantee your comfort.

That's why it's essential to choose a model that perfectly hugs the curves of your body. It should be the same width as your shoulders. If you're between sizes, we recommend choosing the larger size to maintain your athletic ability.

Our collection of sports jackets outdoor

For winter sports enthusiasts, we offer training jackets Craft and Hummel. In particular, we'd like to draw your attention to our women's jacket Evolve, which is made from a lightweight, hard-wearing stretch fabric.

With excellent thermal insulation, it can efficiently wick away perspiration, preventing overheating and enabling your body to maintain full function during exercise.

You can also get women's jackets Craft Progress and women's jackets Hummel hmldiana ½ or the new women's jackets PSG x Jordan 2020/21 and women's jackets adidas Mushelter at low prices.

Women's casual coats

In winter or mid-season, it's important to cover up well with your winter clothes to protect your body from the cold and wind. To achieve this, choose a lightweight jacket with a distinctive cut and simple aesthetic that can be adapted to a variety of occasions.

We offer a variety of colors and sizes at a great price, so you can choose women's coat styles in denim, leather, velvet or autres blends of cotton and synthetics.

Here are just a few of the products we offer at great prices that might interest you:

  • Girls' print jacket adidas Originals All-over
  • Women's denim jacket Only Tia life
  • Jacket Alpha Industries MA-1 TT
  • Women's jacket Urban Classic Inet college sweat
  • Nuptse women's jacket The North Face
  • Mid-season jacket Napapijri Rainforest
  • Nuptse women's jacket The North Face
  • Women's oversized Sherpa corduroy jacket Urban Classics

And many moreautres.

Large collection of standard-size parkas and long parkas

You can also opt for a parka, for optimum protection: lightweight, elegant and, above all, warm! Parkas go with every look and are suitable for all types of activity - that's the secret of this timeless jacket. Of course, our selection also includes parka jackets to please all our modern fashion lovers.

Always classy and chic, they fascinate women's fashion lovers with their casual style and always give a very contemporary winter look. You can also find women's parkas with windproof and waterproof finishes to protect you from the elements.

Soft, warm down jackets

Winter jackets are undoubtedly the best: a down jacket with a quilted design ensures warmth even in the coldest weather.

Down jackets are also very pleasant to wear, as they are very soft and have a great capacity to manage your body temperature when you're out and about.to manage your body temperature during low-temperature activities.

Their design takes on the air of sportswear and makes them the perfect outfit for all kinds of activities, from everyday wear to special occasions.

Women's coats for cusual styles

Coats are among the jackets and garments you can match to your outfitsin all seasons apart from summer, and has a more chic shape than the autres types of jackets listed above.

Ever since it was first created, the coat has been a favorite among women, as it adds a touch of class to your style and, well portés, can be worn with both your professional outfits and the most casual pieces in your wardrobe.

So you can pair it with your outfit for a job interview, at the office or on outings with family and friends.