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In our women's clothing range, discover our range of cheap women's underwear. Brassieres, bras, panties and thongs... Lingerie for sensual women! Shop now and take advantage of rapide shipping!

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The different forms of lingerie

There are many different forms of women's underwear, each with its own unique characteristics and suited to different needs. Panties are a popular form with a U-shaped cut that completely covers the buttocks. G-strings are smaller and have only a small strip of fabric covering the buttocks, leaving plenty of bare skin. This is one of the most glamorous and sexy women's undergarments!

The different shapes of lingerie offer a variety of choices to suit all body types and occasions. The ensemble is a popular choice for special moments, with lace or satin undergarments. Lace underwear adds a touch of sensuality, while black underwear is elegant and sophisticated. The push-up bra offers extra support and shape enhancement for a more flattering silhouette. The body is an integral piece that can be port e used as lingerie or casual wear. The shorty is a comfortable choice for warmer days. For those looking for economical options, inexpensive cotton underwear is a comfortable and durable option. The triangle bra is a popular choice for smaller body types, while the corbeille or balconnet bra offers extra support for larger body types. Compression bras are special bras designed to provide extra support for the breasts . Bandages, meanwhile, are used to support and protect parts of the body that have undergone injury or surgery.

What's the difference between a brassiere and a bra?

A brassiere is a type of bra designed for lighter support and minimal coverage. Bras are often used for light activities such as yoga or walking, or for more casual wear. Bras, on the other hand, can offer greater support and fuller coverage, making them more suitable for more intensive activities such as sports, or for more formal outfits.

Bras can also vary in shape, size and support, from sports bras to underwired bras to balconette bras. Ultimately, the difference between a brassiere and a bra lies in the level of support and coverage they offer.

Lingerie for every moment

Lingerie is the key to feeling comfortable and confident in all circumstances. To suit different times of day, you can choose different styles of lingerie.

Invisible lingerie, such as underwired bras and high-waisted panties, is designed not to stand out under tight clothing. Nudes, neutrals and flesh t ones are favored for this discreet lingerie.

Sexy lingerie, such as lace sets and garter belts, is designed to seduce and enhance the figure.

Night lingerie is an important piece to ensure a comfortable and peaceful sleep. Options such as silk or soft cotton nightgowns, comfortable pyjamas and sensual nighties are available to suit all tastes and occasions.

Finally, sports lingerie, such as bras, socks and shorties, offer extra support for physical activities and can be port worn under sportswear.

So, for every moment of the day, there's a lingerie to help you feel beautiful and confident.

Affordable lingerie and underwear for women, accessible to all

Budget lingerie can be a practical alternative for those looking for affordable options without sacrificing quality and style. On Made In Paradis, there are many brands offering bras, panties and sets at low prices in a variety of designs, sizes and colors. Discover our favorite brands, which offer great comfort for you ladies: Anita Burlington , adidas, Puma, Sloggi, Urban Classics, Urder Armour, Only...

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